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Solid Roofing and Supplies in stock!

Skylight Roofing & Lantern Roofing Available

Bespoke roof in progress

Bespoke roof in progress

Bespoke roof in progress

Skylight / Lantern Roofs

Increase the natural light into your house, and create the feeling of increased space. Visually stunning and functionally beneficial, skylight and lantern roofs can be a great solution for those looking to maximise on thermal performance and light entering the room.



Solid Roof

Our solid roofing provides you with a visually appealing, high performance solution that's integral to the room that you need. You can expect thermal performance all year round, as well as the flexibility and ease to keep clean. With our solid roofing solutions, you can create the inception of a larger feeling rooms and all at very competitive prices. Installation is straightforward versus traditional built roofs, however we are at hand to make the process as simplified as possible. Come and see a selection of our roofing materials in our showroom, or get in touch for a more in-depth enquiry.


Roof Domes

Get in touch to learn more about roof domes.

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