Why is Rehau the best Upvc Windows profile?

Choosing the right replacement windows can help make your home more energy efficient and reduce heating costs. All REHAU window systems can achieve an ‘A’ rating – the highest energy rating.

Energy efficiency REHAU windows

Reducing your carbon footprint by creating a thermally efficient building is all important in today’s eco-conscious society. REHAU windows can achieve the highest ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency. They easily comply with the latest Building Regulations requirements and will boost heat retention thus lowering energy bills.

When combined with triple glazing, REHAU windows can noticeably reduce noise penetration and help towards achieving Passivhaus standard. Even with double glazing, new REHAU windows can reduce outdoor noise levels by up to 50%.

Attractive aesthetics

REHAU windows are available with either a chamfered or sculptured profile design. For both new-builds and older refurbishment projects, REHAU windows will complement your building’s style.

They are available in 26 foil laminate colours. From standard white and several natural wood-effect finishes, to contemporary greys and bold primary colours, all colour finishes are durable and will not fade or deteriorate in quality when exposed to the elements.

REHAU windows have a high gloss low maintenance finish. With only the occasional wipe down, they’ll stay looking new and fresh for many years. Their slim sightlines match aluminium for their modern design, providing expansive views with minimum interruptions.